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Blue and Friends

Not just feeling down: 
Spotting the symptoms

Watch as Blue experiences the symptoms of depression (MDD) in the following short videos. Be sure to talk with your healthcare professional (HCP) about all your symptoms.

Walk 'n Talk

Walk 'n Talk

Making Dinner

Not Saturday

Plant Death

Conference Room Party

Grocery Shopping




Grocery List

Farmers' Market


Sleep Positions

Dog House


How Blue manages 
the day to day

Blue knows that conversations with an HCP are important. Here, Blue learns how different kinds of support can help.



Being There

Family Reunion

Snap Out Of It

Real people, real stories

Get words of wisdom, advice and inspiration from someone who has lived with depression (MDD). Listen to her experiences with depression, talking to her HCP, and finding what worked for her.

Cheryl feels it's important to seek help sooner

Cheryl talks about her depression symptoms

Cheryl feels it's important to seek help sooner

Cheryl talks about her depression symptoms

Cheryl knows the stigma well

Blue’s Symptom Quiz

Having a hard time keeping the 
symptoms straight when you talk 
to your healthcare professional?

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